Puri Khayangan Apartments Give Bonuses for the first 10 buyers


Puri Khayangan Apartments was present at the Batam Indonesia Real Estate Trade Show 2019 at Mega Mall Batam which began on Wednesday (09/09/2019). The Indonesian Real Estate Trade Show will take place until September 15, 2019 . Puri Khayangan Apartment also provides various special promos for prospective consumers, during the 2019 Batam real estate trade fair in Indonesia at mega mall Batam.

Puri Khayangan Apartments will provide more bonuses if you buy during the exhibition. “We offer the Puri Khayangan Apartment Special Unit, Full Furnish. Where the buyers of this Unit only carry luggage, they can directly inhabit, ”Said Hutri Andi as Sales Manager of PT Kinarya Engineering and developer of Puri Khayangan Residence.

This promo from Puri Khayangan Residence Batam is quite special because the equipment provided is complete. “Especially for 10 people who buy FULL FURNISH, we give an electronic bonus that is AC in each room, 32-inch TV and 2-door refrigerator,” said Hutri. Not only that, if you buy during this exhibition, you will get a bonus security application “Smart Home”. In the smart home application,

Puri Khayangan apartment dwellers can check the condition of the apartment only through the application on a mobile phone. Not only that, smart home applications can be used to turn on or turn off lights, air conditioners, TVs, and even find out the condition of the gas network if it leaks. All can be done remotely, regardless of the user or occupant of the apartment unit. during the exhibition, many prospective customers came, for consultations on facilities provided to the ownership procedure.

At the Puri Khayangan stand there are several marketing staff ready who answer everything they need to know. “Although there are many promos and bonuses during the exhibition, the standard facilities that are in place from the start are still valid,” Hutri said to get a full furnish unit, just pay the sign/booking fee of IDR 5 million and an advance payment of 4.5 million.

Puri Khayangan Residence is the first subsidized apartment in Batam. The location is near the Kapita Plaza Batam City. From the location, access to public services, such as hospitals, offices in Batam Center, Hang Nadim Airport, Batam Center International Ferry Terminal, as well as village and sub-district government offices are quite close. Apart from being strategic for today’s dwellings, this apartment is also very promising for property investment.

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